I’m Weihao and this is my lovely girl friend Yumeng Wang, we are both finished our studies at University of Oregon. After the 4 years oversea life, one of the big thing we have experienced is cultural differences among people from different country. Thanks to the our school providing us such cultural diversity which makes us think more critically, widely, and freely. We appreciate our life here, and is time to create value for the society which we are grateful to have.

Education and Goals

Major: Business Administration  Minor: Computer Information Technology

I am a Business student who focuses on applying data analytics into web applications and helps businesses developing intelligence web programs for internal company management, market prediction, and market observation.Currently, i served as a student drupal web front end developer in Student Life of EMU, main tasks are websites maintenance, web migrations, CSS Debugs, Bugs Checking, and making customize views reports for dirty data reporting and data summary report. On the other hand, currently, i am learning machine learning from Coursera. Machine learning is important for me, and in the future, I will also target Augmented Reality with machine learning, and hope to bring webs into the vision of our real world.


Skills Set

Programming & Applications

  • Database design
  • Website maintenance for Drupal
  • CMF: Drupal
  • CMS: WordPress
  • PHP, Ajax, Angular.js
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Javascript, Jquery, Jquery Mobile
  • Tools: Docker, Vagrant, Virtual Machine ( Familiar with setting up Bridge Network ), Git, Phone Gap.

Data Tools & Data Analysis Skills

  • Basic Statistic Skills (Building Regression Models, such as linear regression, logistic regression, Clustering
  • Supply Management basic planning.
  • SAS Enterprise for data preparation & basic analysis such as box plots, ANNOVA)
  • SPSS for basic data analysis.
  • Currently learning Machine by using GraphLab, SFrame, anaconda package, ipython notebook, R ( Beginners level) .


  • Created fake drupal company website for practice purpose: www.sbl.com with using Ubert Cart ecommerce module.
  • Created a wordpress resume website. ( The website is in my Local machine )
  • Created views reports for dirty data and data summary.
  • Migrant web content to drupal platforms.
  • Debug drupal websites.
  • Fixed CSS problems in different browsers.
  • Wrote form validation module for drupal user registeration.


  • Machine Learning for web application.
  • Augment Reality development by using openCV.
  • Wants to learn lower and steady returns from stock and currency exchange market.
  • Digging into phonegap application by using Angular.js
  • Want to get invovled into data analysis events.
  • Taking photos.