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Yumeng and me are the people who are always searching great foods outside our home. We love to eat outside is not because we love eatting outside. We eat ouside is because we learn! Yes, it is another day. For some people, every day is the same. Get up, go to school until dark, then come back home, study, play, and finally get to bed. This was the thing I did every day and finally, I realized having a good life shouldn’t be just looping my schedule like a program. So, being productive in life is important. At this point, we decide to seek some delicious foods outside, then we will try to manipulate those foods at home! It is quite challenge but we love to do.

So, on Tuesday, yu meng cooked me a wonderful meal. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Maybe from the picture you can’t see a lot attractions from the foods. However, you may know that there are several ways to judge food quality, which are taste, smell, and visual apperance. Thus, even the food from below don’t look quite good. But i ensure you that the smell and taste are super good and i can tell these are really traditional chinese foods that we eat everyday.

Steam Fish

Sweet and Sour pork with Potato

Soy Veggies

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